Grateful. It’s such a good word. It’s one of those words that can grow and stretch and wrap itself around huge, bulky, meaningful feelings and then snap back to a nice, respectable size that rightly communicates how we feel when a stranger opens a door for us.


As in, “Thank you for saving my life, I’m so grateful!” or, “Thanks for not letting my buy those neon orange cycling shorts, you’re the best.”

Such a flexible word! So useful!

Berry Patch-4

Anyway, in the spirit of gratitude, I wanted to say thank you.  I’m thankful for the kind words spoken in the last week about my work and my new website. I’m thankful for the humbling experience of learning, making changes and growing. I’m so grateful for booking weddings with lovely couples I am overjoyed to be working with. I’m thankful for the families I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. I’m just very, very grateful.



– Rachael




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